July 21, 2024


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Lessons From a 30-year Sales Veteran for Every Marketer

Lessons From a 30-year Sales Veteran for Every Marketer

I started to bombard him with questions.

“What are the biggest lessons you have learned in your sales career?”

He kindly replied:

          1. Treat customers better than you would like them to treat you.
              A no-brainer but truly, how many of us remember to think this with every single interaction we have with our
          2. Don’t assume that customers know what you know.
             Many marketers and salespeople tend to use a lot of jargon. I am continually asking people to explain acronyms
             that are thrown around in general conversation.
          3. Never offend a single client by sending them a Xmas card when they may not celebrate the holiday. 
             Just send a “Thank you” card instead so that you can make sure you never offend your client through ignorance.
I continued on asking questions putting on my journalist hat. 

“What’s the best life lessons you can pass on?”

          1. Live within your means.
 How many people do you know are constanty in debt? Living up to the “Jones” is a sure recipre for financial strife.
          2. Be humble and appreciative of what you have.
             So many people don’t appreciate what’s in front of them. You don’t have to have the life of an Instagram
             influencer to be happy.
         3. Smiles cost you zero.
            A smile lights up a room, makes those around you happy and comfortable and lifts your spirits.

He added another “pearler”. No matter how high you reach, always be as polite to the person answering the phone as the person who owns a company.

Last but not least, some lessons for employees and leaders.

  1. Don’t confuse activity with results.
  2. Teach, train, coach and motivate your team. The rest should be done by your team.
  3. “Marketing, salespeople cannot do their jobs without it.”

You never know who you sit next to at a bar and living by the philosophy that you should never eat alone, I was reminded of some inspiring ways to live life and run my career.

Image source: Shutterstock: 581985622