July 24, 2024


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Basic Knowledge About Wheel Alignment

The Basic Information On Wheel Alignment | My Tyre Shop

Wheel alignment plays an important role in keeping the driver safe while driving. That’s why drivers need to have basic knowledge about wheel alignment, so they can determine if their wheel alignments are functioning well. Let’s have some Q&A online alignment or click here to know more about wheel alignment.

How often should you have a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignments need to be done immediately once you notice some inconsistency in your driving. Ignoring unusual changes can lead to more damage to your wheel alignment as well as other parts of the car. The recommended wheel alignment just in case your car seems just fine is every two or three years, but once you notice any issues contact your mechanic immediately to check on the condition of your wheel alignment or your car in general. 

How does wheel alignment affect steering?

When your wheel alignment has issues your steering wheel is crooked despite driving straight. You will have a hard time controlling your wheel, when this happens you are prone to accidents. So it will be wise to have your car checked immediately. There are several causes for your steering wheel to get out of control such as :

  • There is a leakage in your power steering fluid. Power steering fluid acts as a lubricant to the moving parts of the system to keep it smooth. If there is leakage of fluid then there will not be enough supply of it to lubricate the parts and makes it hard for them to work smoothly. 
  • Power steering pumps are responsible for maintaining the optimum pressure inside the system. When the pressure is not balanced then issues could arise and lead to problems on the wheel alignment than on the steering wheel.
  • A bad steering rack can cause the steering wheel not to function well. Since the steering rack’s main purpose is to attach it to the mechanism, a bad steering rack can cause issues if not placed properly. 

How does wheel alignment affect your tires?

Bad wheel alignments will cause the tires to wear out unevenly. Worn-out tires should be replaced and the sad truth is when changing tires you have to change all of them. Tires are expensive that’s why avoiding them to wear out fast can be best, however when issues of wheel alignment arise tires tread can wear out fast and it affects the ability to stop immediately and to be able to run smoothly on snowy or muddy surfaces. Driving hazards can increase with the bad quality of your tires, so it is best to check and change if needed plus have your wheel alignment fixed of course since it will be useless if the alignment is not fixed. 

How can a minor accident affect wheel alignment?

Once your wheel alignment is bad, it can lead to bigger problems since you encounter a minor accident. This can further cause your wheel alignment to throw off balance and affect the whole system. That’s why it is not recommended to drive a car with bad wheel alignment. It can cause an accident as well as create bigger issues on the overall system of the vehicle. 

What are the Signs of a Bad Wheel Alignment?

There are several signs that show that you have a bad wheel alignment and they are as follows:

  • Despite the straight road and your straight driving. Your steering wheel seems to pull out the right or to the left. Always observe your wheel when driving, if you notice something unusual have it checked with your mechanic to avoid further damage. 
  • If your tires are wearing out unevenly then your wheel alignment might not be good. Observe if your tires are still balanced in shape and height, if not then it’s time to visit your mechanic. 
  • Squealing sounds in wheels when you’re trying to make a turn in a corner or when you are accelerating your speed. If this issue arises, have your wheel alignment checked by your mechanic. 

Having basic knowledge about wheel alignment can save you time, money, and even your life. Having bad wheel alignment can lead to serious accidents when not addressed immediately. If you notice any signs that indicate wheel alignment problems then have your car check immediately.