Exclusive: Shunsuke’s origin story — from studying business and finance to cosplay king

This is A person Esports’ 1st short article in an exclusive interview series with Shunsuke. Read about how his dad responded to his selection of cosplay job in our second post.

Shunsuke is a self-made complete-time qualified cosplayer and self-taught photographer who commenced off crafting his have costumes, and photographing himself modeling them superbly.

This calendar year, he signed with venture-backed esports, gaming, and entertainment enterprise Tier One particular Entertainment, co-started by cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. He joins Knite and Hakken as the final cosplay trio underneath the esports, gaming, and amusement manufacturer.

Most recently, Shun really regretably lost one

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Open again for business, Asia offers opportunity for Irish firms

Asia is resolutely open up for business with Irish corporations. That was the distinct concept that emerged through Taoiseach Micheal Martin’s pay a visit to to Japan and Singapore this 7 days.

hile pandemic-related limits on tourists continue to be in some countries, small business travellers are welcome to check out these quickly rising export markets and be a part of the ranks of major Irish businesses correctly winning in the region, these kinds of as Kingspan, Kerry Team and ICON.

Japan, a G7 nation and the world’s third-most significant financial state, is home to
125 million individuals, so the

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Times Like These Are Why You Want to Own a Business Like This

In this podcast, Motley Fool senior analyst Jason Moser discusses:

  • Highlights from Johnson & Johnson‘s (JNJ 0.47%) medical device and consumer health divisions.
  • The spinoff of the consumer health division coming in late 2023.
  • How investors can find dividend payers to add to their portfolio.

In addition, Motley Fool personal finance expert Robert Brokamp talks to David Blanchett, head of retirement research at PGIM, about the 4% rule and a common misconception about retirement spending.

To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool’s free podcasts, check out our podcast center. To get started investing, check out our

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Four Types Of Business Analytics

CFO of Sandline Global & author of Deep Finance, Glenn has spent the previous two a long time helping startups get ready for funding or acquisition.

With the at any time-escalating amount of information out there to firms of all sizes, it is essential that businesses get the job done to get a cope with on what details they have on hand and what other data could possibly be available to them. For people not at the moment making use of information and analytics as business applications, it may perhaps be overwhelming to take into account in which to

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